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Our chiropractor is a full member of the CAI and has an ECCE recognised Masters of Chiropractic qualification.

For quality and safety only a member of the CAI should be consulted for chiropractic care. Only a ECCE and CCEI accredited chiropractor can obtain CAI membership.

About Our Chiropractor – David Sweeney MChiro

My ethos as the chiropractor serving Dublin city is to offer patient-centered care, in a comfortable friendly environment where I aim to help my patients achieve their health goals.

I am committed to delivering excellence in chiropractic technique, I believe that my thoroughness in examination supported by competent adjustive technique will provide much needed expertise for Dublin, I am therefore fully dedicated to becoming a master of spinal and wellness care.

My promise to you is to treat you as I treat my own family. I will only ever give you my best recommendations and respect your decision to stop treatment whenever your own goals have been met. My reputation is extremely important to me and I work very hard to maintain this through continuous study and practice in all aspects of chiropractic healthcare.

In my role as a chiropractor I try to promote a wellness paradigm that consists of optimal spinal health and posture, nutritional advice, exercise advice and stress reduction.

  • Patient-centered care.
  • Excellence in spinal adjustment.
  • Promotion of a wellness paradigm.
  • Patient education.

Some Other Things About Me

My Chiropractic Story
My first experience of chiropractic was at a very young age, my grandfather was well known therapist in the Northwest for many years. At the young age of 10, I was suffering from a very severe neck and shoulder issue so my mother took me to see my grandfather for treatment. He found that a vertebrae in my neck was locked and gave me my first adjustment. My neck cracked and I felt instant relief along with normal movement in my neck. He told me that he had done a chiropractic adjustment and it was at that moment that I decided that I would become a chiropractor.

I studied at the Welsh Institute of Chiropractic and the final year of the qualification was spent in the outpatient clinic of the Institution caring for a wide variety of ailments. I am highly skilled in adjustment techniques to the spine and limbs, along with all soft tissue and muscular release techniques. I am also qualified to take, develop and read x-ray films. I treat patients of all ages from infants right up to geriatrics.

  • Studied and achieved my degree at the University of Glamorgan.
  • In my life I hope to help as my people as possible though chiropractic.

My Clinical Focus
When I see a patient for the first time I take a thorough case history, firstly of their presenting complaint and secondly of their medical history. This provides a great starting point for a relevant chiropractic examination. Once I have identified the possible primary issue or underlaying problem with the patient I can begin an effective and specific treatment.

My treatments are always aimed at treating the cause of the problem and not just focusing on the symptoms.

I use the diversified chiropractic technique which focuses on highly specific adjustment to the spinal column and extremities. My clinical approach is to always minimise aggravation whilst maximising benefit and relief.

My Thoughts On Spinal Wellness
It is my belief that maintaining the spine is an important part of a healthier lifestyle. The design of the human spine is simply not suited to our modern unnatural environment. For example, sedentary lifestyle, excessive stress, physical trauma and poor posture all add to spinal joint fixation.

I believe that if everyone maintained their spine throughout life they would lead happier and healthier lives. Of course this has the obvious added benefit of limiting those nasty lower back pain, neck pain and headache episodes. I believe chiropractic can keep our nerve system working at its optimal and keep us active adding life to our years.

It is important to remember that spinal misalignment it much easier to correct early on in its onset rather than later when the problem becomes deeply rooted. Just as dental check ups prevent more serious cavity formation, spinal check ups should be done early in life followed by periodic check ups.

So in essence leaving spinal problems to manifest will lead to stubborn and difficult to treat conditions, so just think of your spine like your teeth, keep it healthy through chiropractic check ups and adjustments.

We encourage and welcome enquiries from prospective patients to call up and discuss their condition. We understand it can be confusing and difficult for a patient to determine if we are able to help with your specific condition.

A brief conversation or even an email can help determine if a patient is in need of chiropractic treatment. Of course it is usually better to undergo a full examination so that the spine can be physically assessed but a quick chat over the phone will allow you to feel more comfortable with the visit or on the off chance your issue may need referral to another professional which we can help direct.

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