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At D2 Chiropractic we know you will be very pleased with our service because we put so much time and effort into providing excellent patient care and satisfaction. But don't take our word for it, check below to read testimonials from our previous patients!

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My experience with Dublin 2 Chiropractic started with a constant neck pain that would not go away. After a few sessions with Dave I started to improve, I had around 6 sessions and felt completely better. I was also given home exercises to improve my posture and neck strength.
Luke O'Mahony, Tour Director
You have no idea how much I appreciate your help. After pregnancy I suffered continuous pain in my lower back. My friend recommended me [to] you as a person who can fix it. To be honest on the first day I came to the clinic I didn’t believe it would work but after the first treatment I felt much better and could get up from the bed with no pain, from the very first time since I had my baby. I was very pleased with every visit – mostly thanks to [the] so friendly atmosphere at the clinic but also very professional care. Thank you so much.
Agatha Cakefield, Cake decorator at Cakefield Avenue

Hands down Dr. David Sweeney is an outstanding chiropractor. He knows what he’s talking about, and also, he listens to you. Before meeting David I used to suffer really bad from lower back pains, and I’m only 24. He’s changed my well-being completely! David is really professional and flexible with his timetable, always making his best to suit my working/studying hours. On top of that he always gives great advice and exercises to strengthen my back, to ease the pains. And he’s very honest as well, he doesn’t try to make you visit him much often, unless it is necessary. I’ve only been seeing him for less than a year, and gosh, I wish I had visited him beforehand! The location of the clinic couldn’t be better, also I love the homely feel over there. It’s worth mentioning as well his top-notch equipment and the service is brilliant! I couldn’t recommend the clinic highly enough. I never write reviews, but I couldn’t let this one pass. Go for it, you won’t be disappointed!”
Richard Reiter,

When I first went to visit David I was in a lot of pain and taking 10/ 12 painkillers a day, thankfully after a few months of treatment I’m off them. ..As I work in retail I’m on my feet all day and can’t rest or take extra breaks if in pain so Thank God most of my problems have been resolved. I highly recommend David, apart from being a genuinely nice guy he is very professional and I totally trust him. I wouldn’t let anyone else near my back.
Jackie Norton, Store manager

I am a happy patient of David’s and have been for a number of years now. Eventhough I see him regularly, I appreciate that with each visit he asks how I am feeling, finds out my main concern for the visit, and he addresses it. I suffer from scoliosis, and my needs change regularly. Also, as a massage therapist, I have to be very careful with my posture. David’s adjustments and advice help keep me moving and pain-free!
Jenny Faison, Massage Therapist
Really happy with the treatment I received. I had been suffering with lower back pain for almost a year before visiting D2 Chiropractic. Had tried physio, medication etc but was not getting good results. I was treated by Dr. Sweeney who I found pleasant helpful and genuinely concerned about the level of discomfort I was experiencing. He went to great lengths to explain the root of my problem (which was not what I had initially thought) Indeed even after the first treatment I immediately felt a major difference and spring in my step as my pain and stiffness subsided quite a bit. Since having a few more treatments I am delighted to say the pain and stiffness has gone away and I feel 100% again. Could not recommend D2 Chiropractic enough. Will be recommending to family and friends with any back pain.
John Maddock, Teacher
Being an infant teacher, I bend over a lot! I had been having problems with my lower back, neck and shoulders for years. My neck was often painful and I found it hard to sit or stand comfortably for any period of time. I attended a physiotherapist a few years ago but found that although they treated my symptoms, they did not get to the root of my problems. During my initial consultation with David he thoroughly assessed my condition and x-rayed my spinal cord. I attended his clinic for eight sessions, and he was very aware of my individual needs. Dr David helped me to be much more aware of my posture during my teaching day and was more than willing to answer any questions I had for him. Now that I have finished my sessions with Dr David, I can honestly say that my back has not felt so good in years! I have been very happy with the service provided and will return to Dr David on a regular basis! I recommend him highly!!
Nancy Cogan, Teacher
I found [Dublin 2 Chiropractic] very helpful to reduce my back pain after my back surgery .I also suffer from shoulder pain and head ache which I felt really relieved after my chiropractic session .. I am happy to recommend Dublin 2 Chiropractic those who are suffering from back pain
Tom Thomas,
I found it really helpful for my sciatic pain which I experienced during and after my pregnancy .Always approachable and will get an appointment whenever I need . I am happy to recommend to a friend.
Preetha Chacko, Nurse
As a sports massage therapist, I have suffered with my neck ,lower back & have had sciatica problems for years .I have had 6 sessions with David & can honestly say the difference is incredible. Not only is David an excellent chiropractor he has a lovely manner & always makes you feel at ease. I would highly recommend David to clients ,friends & family alike .
Erica Ryan, Sports massage therapist
I fully recommend D2 Chiropractic. David is very knowledgeable and really helped me to ease my back and neck pain. David was always willing to explain the reasons behind the pain and to teach me some best practices in order to avoid similar issues from happening again. The clinic is central located and David always tried his best to accommodate my work schedule.
Rachele Bellantoni,
Excellent chiropractor. Sorted out my back and neck pain very swiftly. Would highly recommend.
Edward Kane,
Dublin 2 Chiropractic is great and I can fully recommend it to everyone who has a busy work schedule and needs a chiropractor in town/ close to work. David not just helped me to fix my “problems” but also spend some time with me to explain what happened and how I can avoid it from happening again.
Stefan Schwarzer,
Dublin 2 Chiropractic provides a really professional service. David is flexible in providing appointments to fit around your work schedule. My posture has improved and my headaches are completely gone! I would fully recommend Dublin 2 Chiropractic.
Carol Sloane, Office worker
A bunch of positive reviews here is not a coincidence. You can try to tolerate your back pain or simply book an appointment with Dr David Sweeney and give yourself a chance for healthier and pain free life. What you can expect is a professional advise and treatment tailored to your needs. I suffered from a back pain for years but now, thanks to the treatment, it is just a bad memory!
Monika Samsel,